An actual “War on Christmas” would look very different than the mere attempts at inclusiveness and challenging of privilege which some Christians choose to perceive as persecution.
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There’s no end in sight. The War on Christmas, it seems, will drag on forever, leaving behind it a trail of crushed coffee cups and withered holiday spirits.

Today, Day 4, our merriment is being tested. We have an egg nog hangover. Is that reindeer you hear trotting?


A Cup Treaty

Above we have Colbert’s solution to the coffee cup conflict: “Give customers a cup so full of Christmas they’ll be picking tinsel out of their Yule Log for months.” His cup has tinsel, and ornaments, and a manger scene glued to the top, and dogs barking Handel’s “Messiah,” and an entire Christmas tree. But is it enough?​

The Boston Coffee Party

A group called Faith Driven Consumer in Boston has organized a “Christmas Buycott” to “reward businesses that fully embrace the Christian holiday,” CBS Boston reports. This “buycott” comes in response to the Starbucks/Trump/Dunkin’ Donuts coffee cup battle that is aggressively stupid.

Chris Stone, founder of Faith Driven Consumer and the driving force behind the “buycott,” tells WBZ he’s copying the tactics of the Human Rights Campaign’s corporate equality index, which rates companies on their degree of sensitivity to the Campaign’s concerns. “In a world of secularization, those people who continue to acknowledge and respect Christmas are going to be more sought after by faith-based driven consumers,” says Stone.

Story continued at source: Stephen Colbert Joins the War on Christmas Debate

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Most sensible Americans can chuckle at the idea of a red coffee cup as a symbol of Christian oppression. As Donald Trump calls for a boycott of Starbucks, the implied message is that cups lacking holiday symbols are evidence of hostility toward Christianity in American culture.

I understand how some would laugh at such lowbrow politics, but I can’t. Having litigated church-state cases across the Bible Belt in recent years—thus seeing the aggressive, malicious nature of religious culture in some of America’s most pious communities—I know what underlies those absurd claims of Christian persecution, and it’s not pretty.

Consider this message I received after notifying government officials in Pensacola, Florida, that a large Christian cross on public property violated the First Amendment’s Establishment Clause:

Not only are Christians in America rarely oppressed, quite often they are actually the oppressors. Just ask anyone who has challenged religious privilege in a Bible Belt community. Venom and intolerance can quickly become defining characteristics of towns where locals consider themselves upright and God-fearing. This is why plaintiffs who bring church-state cases must often seek anonymous “John Doe” or “Jane Doe” status—they truly risk their jobs, their safety, and their standing in the community if discovered.

Story continued at source: David Niose | American Christians: Oppressed or Oppressors?

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Dunkin Donuts threw their holiday season hat into the ring this week, releasing their own version of a “Christmas cup,” much to the joy of right-wing boneheads. Apparently, even though Starbucks decided a simple red cup with a green logo — considered “Christmas colors” by most –was adequate to relay the holiday spirit, the zealots of the right are much happier with Dunkin Donuts’ cup.

That must be because it says “Merry Christmas,” right? Wrong. The Dunkin Donuts cup simply says “joy” inside of a green wreath. The company logo, much like Starbucks, is in standard Christmas colors. Somehow, some way, Christians who are outraged at Starbucks find the Dunkin cup to be much more acceptable…

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If you think the Starbucks holiday cups are awful, you need to see what another even BIGGER company is doing to ERASE CHRISTMAS!

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Joshua Feuerstein.  In none of the countless articles does the MSM bother to discuss who this clown is.  So allow me:

Joshua Feuerstein is a self-described evangelist and “social-media personality”.  I recognized his name because he is the same asshat who harassed one of my local bakeries (and illegally recorded the phone call) because they refused to fill a fake order for an anti-gay cake.  His followers bombarded their Facebook site with Ben Carson-like yarns of their supposed “bad experiences” with the bakery.  Astoundingly, all of these reviews happened immediately after the date Joshua posted his hate-filled video.  The bakery had to temporarily close in response to the harassment, which included death threats.

In response, I asked people in this community to fight back.  You did. The bakery raised needed cash to offset their losses, got a lot of Likes on their Facebook page to offset Joshua’s minions, and a boatload of new customers.  (The owner also made this 5-tier delicious smack down.)

As despicable as this guy was, I took him at his word that he was just a preacher with an obvious persecution complex.  However, I have since learned that Feuerstein is much worse than that: he’s a con artist.

First off, he is an entitled brat who apparently lives quite well sponging off of his mega-rich parents.  Yet he is not above e-begging his duped followers to raise money for a $20,000 camera that he claimed he absolutely had to have to make YouTube videos.  His followers, unable to think of anything better to donate to, gladly gave him the money and Joshua utterly ****** thanked them. Yet all of his videos since he has raised the funds, from the bakery harassment video to his latest red cup diatribe, have been shot on a cellphone.  People rightfully asked where the camera was that he promised to buy.  He was even confronted directly and admitted he didn’t buy it after all.  Meanwhile, his social media is filled with pictures of outrageously expensive shoes, jewlery and watches.  I mean VERY Expensive Watches.

On his site, you can buy T-shirts, DVDs, books, and even become a monthly “partner” where he asks that you give him 50 dollars a month so he can supposedly stop people from committing suicide.  I have no idea what kind of suicide prevention requires a monthly installment plan, but then again, I’m not a con-man.

None of the articles I’ve seen mention any of this, but instead take his nonsensical rant at face value and allow him a ton of exposure as some sort of representative of the discord among Christians today.  It is not real.  I don’t buy for a second that a man like him was driven bonkers over a stupid red cup.  What he saw was an opportunity to gin up the faux outrage machine and grow his pool of poor suckers, while the media obliged without the slightest insight into his past.

Continued at source: Simply Red: The Con-Man Behind the Rightwing’s Starbucks Cup Freak-Out

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To Palin, the plot is more subtle than an overt attack on Christians. Starbucks and the media, she says,  are attacking Christians by making them look stupid for being outraged over the removal of snowflakes from a coffee cup.

“Usually adorned with snowflakes and reindeer, this year the cups were given a makeover in a more sleek all red ombre look,” explained a woman who can’t figure out how a condom works, yet acted as an abstinence spokesperson. “And somewhere, somehow someone took offense to the change, claiming it was part of the war on Christmas,” she continued, linking to Feuerstein’s remarkably stupid post.

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Did you guys see Joshua Feuerstein lying his ass off on CNN?

If you’re a “traditional” Christian, the country has been moving farther and farther away from your values and worldview. Mores on sexuality, gender equality, parenting, and many other issues have become more and more liberal. Other people might think of those changes as the natural evolution of a society and a world in the process of constant and inevitable modernization. But if you’re the one being left behind, it feels like something much worse.

The War on Christmas is a way of telling that story in a different way. In a war you can be the oppressed, a victim, even a martyr. But you can also become a hero. It takes the mundane activities of your day, like getting a cup of coffee at Starbucks, and lends them a profound drama and import.

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